Meet H G Loupe, OD - aka The Enlarginator

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H.G. Loupe, OD - aka The Enlarginator


By night, Dr. Loupe works as an on-call optometrist at his local Veteran’s Affair hospital handling eyecare emergencies and other ocular oddities.

Dr. Loupe’s specialty is low vision and he’s earned a reputation in the optical world as the go-to resource for low vision aids. 

By day, Dr. Loupe is the Enlarginator, a masked superhero who helps the federal government identify potential threats to national security using his abnormally sharp visual acuity. He single-handedly created the Anomaly Spotting System (ASS), powerful AI-driven technology that detects criminal behavior through a complex spectrometer filtration device.

In addition to his ASS, the Enlarginator can concentrate solar rays, allowing him to eviscerate miscreants and red lantern flies in one fell swoop. (He also makes a mean but responsible campfire.)


  • Lending enhanced sight to those bold enough to peer through his forehead
  • Concentrating and weaponizing solar rays


  • Makes things appear 3X bigger
  • His magnetic personality


  • Cloudy days that obscure his access to the sun
  • Belgian chocolate 


  • Restoring the twinkle to someone’s eye by enabling them to see again
  • Low vision aids
  • Battlestar Galactica (reimaged)


  • The exploitation of service animals for social media purposes
  • Ripping off elderly people
  • Covid
  • Requests for help with certain types of bodily “enlargement”

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