Other Low Vision Aids

Looking for Low Vision Aids but not sure exactly what fits the bill? Take a gander at our useful and often whimsical array of low vision aids to address your patients' vision needs.

Can't find what you're looking for? Despair not! While we're pretty friendly, more importantly, we're the most stubborn low vision experts on the face of the planet. That means we literally cannot sleep until we figure out how to help you help your patient to see better. Contact us here.

(Or you could keep reading, but we pretty much said it all...so...it might get a little awkward. But that's okay because we are also awkward, so we can roll with your persistent need to make things awkwarder.)

remote Assessment Options

Check out our Remote Assessment Kits below so you can give Covid the cold shoulder while still helping low vision patients.

Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit

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Custom Glare Kits 

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Single-Use Glare Cards

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