Our Inspiration

Fred Rogers - Our Inspiration

Imagine what it must feel like to learn that your most important sense is never going to get any better, and will probably continue to get worse. The sadness, the confusion, knowing that it’s only going to continue to decline, and trying to find the willpower to persevere.

Picture yourself, a master at your chosen field, in an unfamiliar position, requiring vastly different skills and knowledge than you’ve acquired in your career, but still wanting desperately to serve your beloved patients. The frustration, the feeling of helplessness, as you see your patient’s vision slowly degrading.

Low vision doesn’t just affect the vision, it affects the mind. When Kathy, Tom, and I took over Tech Optics, we realized that knowing products and knowing the physiological effects of low vision simply isn’t enough. A business such as this MUST lead from the heart. We’re providing devices that help people on some of their darkest days. And when someone is in that dark place, they don’t need to be sold. They need patience, compassion, and guidance.

When we narrowed everything down to those three words, it was as if Fred Rogers appeared from the ether. He would be the perfect person to guide us. If we were confused, vulnerable, frustrated, helpless, Mr. Rogers would be there to make it all okay. Tech Optics will strive to be Mr. Rogers in company form. We’re designing a company to guide people through the world of low vision with patience, compassion, and peace of mind. Because those things will never go out of style.


Charlie Saccarelli 

Tech Optics