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We specialize in helping patients with low vision improve their quality of life by offering devices like standard magnifiers, prism readers, and telescopes as well as free resources to help you determine the best product for you or your patient. 

Our Process for Finding the Right Low Vision Products

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We've created a slew of FREE resources to help you find the right product for you or your patients' low vision needs.

They include printable vision charts, calculators, and online filter assessments.

They're simply a click away. 

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Low Vision Assessment Kits

As experienced opticians, we know that often low vision can be drastically improved with the right lighting and filters. That's why we assembled remote assessment kits to help you test the impact of different variables on low vision. Take a look at them below.

Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit

Our custom-made kit assists in determining the best low vision products to support patient vision goals.

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Custom Glare Kits

Our custom glare kits assist eye specialists in assessing the ideal lens filters for their patients.

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