Getting Into Low Vision

Simplifying Low Vision for Opticians

We're passionate about empowering opticians and other vision specialists to confidently assess low vision challenges and find the best solutions for their patients' needs.

Talk to Charlie

He won't admit it, but Charlie is kind of an optical badass. His dogged pursuit of making vision solutions accessible for everyone has enabled many a low vision patient to see again.

After unleashing his MacGyver-esque approach to custom glasses on the specialty vision landscape, Charlie bought Tech Optics to offer off-the-shelf solutions that can dramatically improve the quality of everyday life for low vision patients.

And now Charlie's eager to share his passion for helping low vision patients with you so that you too can improve the lives of even more patients.

Click here to schedule a free 30-min call so you can nerd out with Charlie over how to get into low vision and help people like your Grandpa Fred or Aunt Sally see better.

We can't promise that you won't regret it, but we can promise that you'll likely be entertained.

Talk to Charlie

Low Vision Starter Kit 

Want to skip the free 30-min call with Charlie? (While we can't imagine any scenario in which someone would actively shun one-on-one time with Charlie, stranger things may have happened.)

Whether you talk to Charlie or not, we invite you to peruse our expertly curated Low Vision Starter Kit, containing everything you need to assess low vision patients and get the right devices for their needs into their hands.

Take a gander at it for yourself or feel free to call us with any and all questions (preferably optical related, but we're really not picky).

Check Out the Kit