COIL Sport Glasses - Distance 2x Binocular Loupe - Tinted

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COIL Sport Glasses - Distance 2x Binocular Loupe - Tinted

Worn like glasses, these Coil lightweight sport binoculars provide 2x magnification while keeping both hands free. Two side-mounted rotary wheels give precise focus control and can be adjusted to give independent focus for each eye. Acrylic lenses are optimized to give a sharp image with minimal distortion. On the indoor side, they are great for reading, pursuing a favorite hobby such as stamp or coin collecting or performing a task that requires you to see fine details, as well as TV or movie watching. These comfortable, lightweight binoculars bring everything closer. Outdoors, they are terrific for sporting events or other outdoor hobbies/activities. Tinted lens, pouch, neck cord included. 

  • Low distortion 2x optimized lens for sharp images
  • 10 tinted lens reduces glare for outdoor activities 
  • Each eye is focused separately for optimum clarity
  • Spectacle style design allows hands to remain free  

    Weighs just 2.5 oz. Focal range is 4' to infinity.