Tech Optics 10D Near Vision Combo Kit
Tech Optics 10D Near Vision Combo Kit

Tech Optics 10D Near Vision Combo Kit

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Tech Optics 10D Near Vision Combo Kit 

To make everyday tasks easier for Low Vision clients, we combined our lightweight and easy-to-use, Tech Optics LED Handheld and LED Stand Magnifier into one valuable Kit. The Stand Magnifier is great for when there's a need to work hands-free and have a stable focal point. The Handheld Magnifier fits into a pocket or purse and allows for more freedom of movement and focal mobility. 

This Kit comes with the option of choosing an Angled or a Straight Handheld Magnifier.

For more near vision support, you may also consider our full line of Prism Readers available from +4 to +12, Microscopic Readers up to +24 & 6x-12x (OD, OS or OU) 

Brand Equivalency

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Tech Optics Magnifier Brand Equivalencies

Tech Optics Product # 


MaxiAids - Reizen


L S & S - Economical


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